The Area

A land of contrasts, yielding a high-level product

La Almazara del Convento is located in one of Andalucia’s ideal enclaves: the Plateau of Granada, in the northeast of a region where immense tablelands rise more than 1,000 m above sea level, a beautiful territory surrounded by large mountain ranges, endowing it with a unique soil and climate.

Protected by the towering Sierra de Cazorla and Segura (mountain ranges), in the province of Jaén, it extends to the border of Albacete, in the Sierra de Tabilla, and that with Murcia, in the Sierra de Zarza. In the East, the Sierras de María and Las Estancias mark the border with the province of Almería; to the South, the Sierra de Baza Natural Park and sprawling Guadiana Menor valley trace the line separating the plateau from the rest of the Granadan province.

The origins of this region stretch back several million years, when it became an independent basin, followed by a large lake, until filling with the sediment now forming the territory.

It is a land of intense contrasts, marked by short summers and very cold winters. Its omnipresent olive trees, which have borne witness to a series different cultures, have adapted to the marl-limestone lands, developing short and leafy branches that endure the winter frosts and the summer’s scorching heat.

The Picual variety of the olive tree, in this production area characterised by its steep slopes and altitudes ranging from 750 m to 1300 m, together with a painstaking production process, infuse our extra virgin oil with an easily recognisable quality and flavour.

The "green gold" that has accompanied man throughout history


A balance of different flavours on the palate


The natural process that produces extra virgin olive oil