A balance of different flavours on the palate

Our oil is of the Picual variety, a name that refers to the olive’s pointy shape (from the Spanish pico: point).

Picual monovarietal oil boasts a great personality, featuring very well defined sensory nuances. It is a fruity, fragrant liquid with mildly bitter and spicy notes.

Its composition is especially beneficial for health, as it is rich in oleic acid, (a highly nutritional monounsaturated fatty acid) and low in linoleic acid. Also healthy is its richness in polyphenols, the oil’s natural antioxidants, and tocopherols (vitamin E), which are antioxidants.

This balance in the different compositions renders it highly resistant to oxidation and, consequently, to rancidity, as it can be stored for up two years under proper conditions before expiring. It can withstand high temperatures in the kitchen, and is ideal for the preservation of raw or cooked foods.

The olive is grown on the Granadan Plateau, at an altitude of up to 1,300 m, in an area whose unique soil and weather furnish it with special organoleptic properties, distinguishing it from other oils.

A careful extraction and production process, carried out cold, is observed to obtain an oil of maximum quality and with a unique flavour.

A land of contrasts, yielding a high-level product

The Area

The "green gold" that has accompanied man throughout history


The natural process that produces extra virgin olive oil