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Spain is the leading country in the production, sale and export of olive oil, with average sales of 1,400,000 tons per year in recent seasons, 60% of which is for the export market.

2,500,000 hectares of the most diverse and productive olive groves in the world, and 340 million olive trees, representing the largest olive-growing area on the planet. Volume and quality that make olive oil the third most exported agro-food product in our country, accounting for 10% of our agricultural industry’s total sales.

However, a continuing challenge for Spanish olive oil continues to be the export of bottled extra virgin olive oil. Spain still exports most of its oil in bulk, mainly to Italy, which, in turn, distributes it under the umbrella of its different brands.

At Oroliva, we are one of the few oil mills that commercialises all of its bottled production, taking great care with the quality of the oil and our brand’s guarantee. We never export our product in bulk, nor do we supply generic brands.

A land of contrasts, yielding a high-level product

The Area

A balance of different flavours on the palate


The natural process that produces extra virgin olive oil