Protecting the oil's quality throughout its life

The conservation and subsequent commercialisation of our oil is carried out without the addition of any preservatives.

It is a natural product, a true fruit juice obtained exclusively by physical means, such as pressure, centrifugation and filtration at low temperatures. This method of controlled, natural production qualifies it as extra virgin olive oil.

Its qualities must be fully preserved during the conservation period so as to ensure that it remains an extra virgin olive oil.

The main hazard threatening stored oil it its tendency to react with atmospheric oxygen. This involves an oxidative process that begins with the separation of the olives from the tree, favoured by enzymes present in the fruit, and continues after the extraction of the oil.

The oxidation of olive oil is lesser and slower than that of other oils, due to its monounsaturated composition and its antioxidants. During its conservation action is taken to retard the process, controlling the factors that accelerate it. Therefore, its conservation is recommended in cool areas away from exposure to light.

A land of contrasts, yielding a high-level product

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The "green gold" that has accompanied man throughout history


The natural process that produces extra virgin olive oil